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The Weather Station, ‘How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars’ — 5/5 stars

How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars is indeed a more nocturnal, wistful record than the danceable, brooding Ignorance. The arrangements for these songs float, unmoored by time, carried largely by spare piano work adorned with pillowy ribbons of woodwinds and warm upright bass. This ethereal, minimal production establishes a very direct emotional connection with the listener, highlighting Lindeman’s voice.

Sheila North — ‘My Privilege, My Responsibility’

If there was ever a local example of how hard work pays off, CBC journalist Sheila North’s memoir is proof. My Privilege, My Responsibility documents the hard work North put into her own education growing up in Bunibonibee Cree Nation — known in English as Oxford House — that contributed to her rise from a journalist at CTV News Channel (CTV) and CBC to becoming the first female grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO).

A gravitational pull, or lack thereof

Orrery consists of 24 ceramic vessels which are arranged on a mechanized platform that rotates the various rows of sculptures and imitates the movement of celestial bodies. More specifically, the WAG’s website explains its title “references the popular astronomic mechanical model used to represent the positions, motions and phases of the solar system.”

OMBIIGIZI, ‘Sewn Back Together’ — 4/5 stars

OMBIIGIZI, a new collaborative project from artists Zoon and Status/Non-Status, is about searching. Sewn Back Together, as the title implies, establishes that the pair has been broken apart somehow, left looking for their place in history, their identity, trying to mend themselves.

Basia Bulat, ‘The Garden’ — 3.5/5 stars

Basia Bulat, like many of us, spent the pandemic slowing down. She describes spending time in the garden, putting down roots and waiting for melodies and songs from her past to come back to her. The title track of her new record, The Garden, served as a guiding light for this process.

A view to a new world through painting

World Discovered Under Other Skies is comprised of large-scale paintings, unconventional ceramic tiles and drawings which address a wide variety of topics. Curated by Amin Alsaden, the exhibit is sure to intrigue those who are interested in the expansion of painting into multimedia installations that speak to identity, politics, history and the common links that unite us all.

Celebrate the power of film

With Global Movie Day right around the corner, the Manitoban staff has recommended some of our favourite flicks for your next virtual viewing party — especially if you’re a fan of science fiction, musicals and science-fiction musicals. A continuous comfort and an escape from these tumultuous two years, celebrate everything there is to love about film on Feb. 12 with the hashtag #GlobalMovieDay.