Cam Cannon

A politicized union is an engaged union

It has become apparent that not even our elected board is trusted with proposing changes to governing documents. As UMSU president Brendan Scott made clear both during debate at a meeting Jan. 6 and in a subsequent interview, it is expected of representatives to simply provide yes-or-no answers to questions presented by bureaucrats.

UMSU board reform delayed by representation concerns

Changes to UMSU governing documents which would see the reduction of voting members of the board of directors from over fifty down to 21 have been delayed following a Jan. 6 meeting in which concerns were raised regarding representation for marginalized communities in the union.

Petition for inclusive health care to be read in legislature

Healthcare For All, a coalition made up of 15 grassroots organizations, called for Manitoba’s health-care program to be expanded to include international students, migrant workers, refugees and undocumented people at a press conference last Thursday.

UMSU briefs

Unvaccinated students to be excluded from in-person classes Students that remain unvaccinated will be unable to register for in-person classes for winter semester. At the…