October and November campus crime report

Incidents average out over last quarter

Statistics published by U of M security services for the months of October and November are now available on the security services’ website. In a previous statement, security services said not all incidents are reported, and numbers may look different at the end of the year.  


October 2023 saw 42 incidents on the Fort Garry campus and eight on the Bannatyne campus. This is six more than September for Fort Garry and five more for Bannatyne. 

Thefts of personal items and mischief, which encompasses vandalism and damage to property, make up 25 of the 32 reported incidents. Of these 25, one individual was arrested for vandalizing a Winnipeg transit bus. There was one instance of harassment, one indecent act and one common assault. 


There were 30 incidents reported on Fort Garry campus in November 2023, and five on the Bannatyne campus. 

The majority of the incidents involved theft, 15 being thefts from the Athletic Living Centre. One intoxicated individual, who was not a student, was reported to be present at Robson Hall. There was also one infraction of the university smoking by-laws. 

In the last quarter of 2023, security service reports are averaging in the low thirties at Fort Garry campus. 

Security services can be contacted at 204-474-9312 on the Fort Garry campus and 204-789-3330 on the Bannatyne campus.