Barbershop opens on U of M campus

Swish offers hair services to UM community

Two years after the opening of its first location in 2019, Swish Barbershop was voted the number one barbershop in Winnipeg by CommunityVotes Winnipeg. Since then, the shop has opened two additional locations to serve customers.

The Winnipeg chain was founded by U of M alumnus Reagan Tran, a local entrepreneur.

 Doors opened at the newest location in UMSU University Centre on Jan. 3.  

Darren Smith, a barber at Swish, said he enjoys the “culture of the barbershop,” his co-workers and the clientele. 

Smith said since the opening of the barbershop, there have been times during the week when “every chair is full,” and he expects it will only get busier.  

Swish is different from other barbershops in the area in the variety of customers and people in the shop, according to Smith. 

“We’ve got every single culture coming in getting their hair done, all different styles,” he said. “You get to meet people from all different places, all different genres, all doing something different in life.” 

Swish offers haircuts for men and women. The shop also offers hair services, apparel and products. 

To book services and contact Swish Barbershop, those interested can reach out on Instagram  @swishbarbershop or book on the shop’s website,