Rady faculty of health sciences hosts open house

All five colleges to present graduate programs to prospective students

Graduate programs in nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology and more are available here at the University of Manitoba. 

The Rady faculty of health sciences’ graduate studies program is hosting its annual open house in November for all prospective students. Curator Hope Anderson first organized the event over five years ago in hopes of presenting the various graduate-level degrees offered in the health sciences at the U of M. 

“I decided that at some point, I was going to create opportunities for students at the University of Manitoba, and beyond, to learn about these graduate programs,” Anderson said. 

Anderson is the vice-dean of graduate and post-doctoral studies in the faculty of health sciences. The faculty combines the Max Rady college of medicine, Dr. Gerald Niznick college of dentistry, college of pharmacy, college of nursing and college of rehabilitation sciences. 

Before she was vice-dean, Anderson got both her bachelor’s and PhD from the U of M. She said the only way she knew that a graduate degree was an option available to her was through “word of mouth.”  

Years later, Anderson herself had a PhD student who only knew about the programs offered through a conversation with her dentist. 

The five colleges that make up the faculty of health sciences all offer graduate programs, Anderson said. Some are more clinical and some more research based, while some are entirely educational. 

Anderson said that her office, the organizers of the event, have invited each college and respective masters or PhD program to present the various degrees and programs of study available to prospective students. 

Associate dean of graduate studies at the college of nursing Donna Martin provides support to the graduate students in all of the college’s programs. 

Within the college of nursing, graduate students can work toward three different degrees. The master of nursing has been a degree available since 1980, the nurse practitioner program since 1998 and the PhD in nursing that has been available since 2013. 

The faculty allows students who have completed their pre-requisite work in the master of nursing program to transfer directly into the PhD program. 

“We are looking at being the place in Manitoba where registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses come to pursue their graduate education,” Martin said. 

Martin said that graduate of the master of nursing program, Emily Hyde, used to tell incoming students that “once you have your master of nursing degree, no one can take it away from you.” 

“We’re really excited that Rady faculty of health sciences is offering the open house,” said Martin. 

The open house is available to any undergraduate student in Manitoba or beyond. Anderson and her office have invited students from the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University and students from schools in Regina as well. 

“There’s no harm in coming,” Anderson said regarding the event, “knowledge is power, right? And [knowledge] can empower future decisions.” 

“This is really designed for undergraduate students who aren’t sure of their next career step,” Anderson said. “We look forward to welcoming whoever registers.” 

The open house on Nov. 15 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. can be found on the Joe Doupe and Hildes Concourse at the U of M’s Bannatyne campus. Shuttles from the Fort Garry campus to the Bannatyne campus will be available at 9 a.m.