MuKa some music

Musical Kaleidoscope merges culture and music for UM students

Musical Kaleidoscope is a place on campus where culture and music collide.

The club, called MuKa for short, is focused on this idea of bringing people from a variety of cultural backgrounds together to make music, according to second-year medical physics PhD student and president of MuKa Kaihim Wong.

“This is a club to see the potential of merging different cultures and instruments together in a song,” Wong said.

The club is brand new, having only formed in September, but its future is looking busy. In addition to music itself, Wong said club members may collaborate on music-related projects.

The club is considering podcasts as a way to give people with musical backgrounds the opportunity talk about their musical journeys. This could serve as a way for those who may not be able to commit lots of time toward making music regularly with the group to get involved.

The group welcomes anyone who loves music, whether they have experience with an instrument or not. Wong said those with little to no instrument experience who still love music and want to participate are welcome to shadow different music-making sessions the club puts together.

For those who do know how to play, MuKa welcomes all kinds of instruments from all cultures to join the team. Once joined, members can help plan events or just participate in them. Events could range from just jamming to making music from scratch.

It is not necessary to be a formal member to attend MuKa meetings or events. To join the club, email the group at

Wong said that there is no set meeting time or place MuKa yet, but if the club does not secure a space, it will proceed virtually.

The group is planning on hosting its first event soon with the hopes of spreading the word about its existence. Details of the event are still being determined, but more information will be made available on the club’s Instagram, @muka_um.