The Ultimate Actor’s Nightmare

Impish improv anything but impetuous

Kevin Ramberran

4.5/5 stars

Club Soda Improv returns to Fringe Fest with its resoundingly successful formula. Because the show is improvised and is therefore different every day, there are only a few things that audiences are sure to see. 

The group pulls information from the audience to build a narrative with. A director character interrupts each skit midway through to task the group with improv challenges. The group dexterously steps in and out of these games without losing the main narrative thread it’s been building for the whole show. 

Not one awkward pause plagued the show, nor did one bit overstay its welcome. The actors have strong rapport and are clearly seasoned veterans comfortable with being on the stage. 

Truly, the only weakness in the show is the sound. Sometimes the audience’s laughter drowned out other brilliant kernels, and the group might have to learn to work in pauses if it’s going to commit to hilarity. 

The Ultimate Actor’s Nightmare is a bubbly treat worthy of multiple viewings.

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