For Science!

Silent study of the audience

Provided by Small Matters Productions

4.25/5 stars

Small Matters Productions conducts 21 experiments on the human psyche in ways that are incredibly simple yet brilliant. Jam-packed with audience interaction, Lego spillage, and a segment reminiscent of Piano Tiles, the only thing not observed is their voices. 

The professor, Christine Lesiak, and her lab assistant, Ian Walker, do not speak, opting to use gestures, slideshows and props for explanations. They establish this dynamic even before the show’s start time by standing on stage and surveying the audience. 

Silence and complex names for experiments are ways that the duo builds anticipation and ensures you pay attention to everything that is happening. Reading Tactile Gratification Impulse is a little jarring until you realize the activity is just popping bubble wrap. 

For Science! is a commentary on the human condition, reminding us how similar we truly are. Fellow people-watchers, this is the show for you. The atmosphere is conducive to a chaotic comfort that promotes everyone’s inner comedian. Every audience member that participates transforms into an entertainer for their 10 seconds of fame. 

If you’re looking to watch a story with a narrative arc, For Science! may not be satisfactory. But the show possesses a refreshing elementary quality that we can all benefit from.

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