Anesti Danelis: This Show Will Change Your Life

Comedic songs for modern first-world problems

Provided by Dahlia Katz

3.5/5 stars

Attending Anesti Danelis: This Show Will Change Your Life did not change my life. However, it did provide comedic relief via songs that affirm the utter ridiculousness of modern first-world problems. 

Whether it is about dating, office culture or mental health, Anesti Danelis is well-versed in finding trendy concepts and uncovering a unique aspect of theirs. His distinct identity as a performer suffuses his delivery, which includes leaving his full-time architecture job and being from a large Greek household. 

A notable moment is when he translates a Greek song that details perceiving everyone around you as a goat. Danelis briefly mentions that Greek songs are often metaphorical. Then, he proceeds to emphasize the song’s direct translation as being peculiar. At the end of the song, he provides an unexpectedly profound realization. 

Another quality that differentiates him is his vulgarity at times. I found it to be refreshing, but if you can’t handle crude fixations with sex (including “Anesti-Ds”), this show is not for you. 

All in all, Danelis is a memorable comedian who interacts kindly with the crowd and is worth going to see. There are moments of overdone jokes, but they are still funny, so you can laugh while waiting for the next joke. 

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