UMSU hosts healthy sexuality week

Campaign aimed to educate students on variety of sex-based topics

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) held an awareness campaign about healthy sexuality from Oct. 3 to 7.

UMSU vice-president student life Tracy Karuhogo said that the campaign’s goal was to help make discussions surrounding sex on campus informative and less intimidating.

She said that the U of M should be a welcoming place for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, a theme that helped influence UMSU’s slogan for the week, “cum as you are.”

“They should be able to feel comfortable in their sexuality,” Karuhogo said.

The goal for Karuhogo was to “raise awareness, and to just create an environment where people can comfortably talk about sex as well and be able to learn more about it.”

Like previous healthy sexuality week promotions, this year’s iteration featured events and free condoms.

UMSU handed out sex toys on Tuesday night during “Sexy Sexual Health Trivia with Samantha Bitty,” a free event hosted by sexual health speaker Samantha Bitty at the VW Social Club in University Centre.

The toys were purchased using a discount provided by Love Nest, a locally owned chain of stores that specializes in sexual pleasure and relationship-based products.

UMSU also partnered with both Klinic Community Health, which provided sexual health products, and Respect Educate Empower Survivors (REES), an online platform for reporting sexual assault, harassment and misconduct.

UMSU also tabled in UC, where representatives handed out lube and condoms. Karuhogo said these free items were all a part of UMSU’s plan to help educate students about sex.

Throughout the week, UMSU posted sexual health infographics and videos.

The basics of healthy sexuality were featured on Monday. Vaginal and breast health was covered on Tuesday. The next day, testicular health and 2SLGBTQIA+ sexual health was discussed. Thursday featured information about consent and sexual violence, while Friday was centred around birth control and safe sex.

Karuhogo encouraged students to share the week’s content and refer back to it in the future. She said that UMSU will also be having more educational health promotions this year, including a mental health campaign from Nov. 14 to 18 and a second healthy sexuality week in the winter.

Sexual health resources listed by the University of Manitoba:

University Health Service: 204-474-8411

Student Counselling Centre: 474 UMSU University Centre, 204-474-8592

Health and Wellness Office: 469 UMSU University Centre 

Nine Circles Community Health Centre: 204-940-6000 

Women’s Health Clinic: 204-947-1517

Klinic Community Health: 204-784-4090

Sexual Education Resource Centre Manitoba