Achieving Alumni: Alex Ateah & Kylie Friesen

U of M grads ply their creative trades in the community

Photo provided by YOLO Fashion Divas.

Alex Ateah – Bachelor of fine arts (honours), 2015

Kylie Friesen – Bachelor of arts (honours), English literature, 2014

After graduating from the U of M, Alex Ateah and Kylie Friesen began their comic web series YOLO Fashion Divas, which can be found on YouTube.

The series, currently consisting of six episodes, is filled with the mock educational ventures of beauty and lifestyle guru Kylie and arts and culture connoisseur Alex. With their clever, insulting brand of humour, Ateah and Friesen take the viewer through subjects such as fashion trends, vegan tapas, and working out.

Ateah began to pursue comedy after graduation, and with the help of her education she saw how the line between comedy and art is very blurred. Her education gave her the confidence and tools to explore her performing side.

“My thesis project, Other Half Dating Service, was directly rooted in comedy and performance, and from there I was able to gain the confidence to continue down the path that I’m on.”

Friesen has been primarily working as a makeup artist since graduating and has also been working on various film and art projects, including music videos, as well as promoting and DJing local events.

“The biggest skill I have taken from my English degree is the importance of maintaining a strict eye for detail and how to look critically at your own work and the work of others,” Friesen told the Manitoban.

“The creative process for me is not only the expression of your ideas, but the careful configuring and reconfiguring of those ideas to make something wonderful.”


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