Haven’t you heard? Hot people dress up for Halloween

From Wonder Woman to Freddy Krueger, don’t be boring, dress up

As social media editor at the Manitoban, I scroll through every social media platform all
day, every day. Although we don’t have a TikTok, I can admit that it is where I spend the
most time.

Since it was created, so much of social culture has stemmed from TikTok. No matter
where you go, TikTok seems to follow. Even though most TikTok frequenters are young
people, the app influences everyone. TikToks are all over Instagram and Facebook as reels,
spreading new trends, information and gossip like wildfire.

Every couple of months, trends centring women, clothing and certain aesthetics cycle
through the app.

In the summer, TikTok users were introduced to the “clean girl.” This is the type of girl that
wears a slicked-backed bun, has a wardrobe that carries only the basics, and only wears
minimal makeup. My feed was flooded with how-tos on being a clean girl, which involved
clothing hauls and makeup tutorials. Even fast fashion brands like Shein shifted from
colourful sweaters to bland, minimalist clothing.

After this, the cycle repeated with the emergence of the “rockstar girlfriend.” The rockstar
girlfriend wears leather, red lipstick, has a wolf-cut hairstyle and only listens to bands that
you’ve never heard of. Typically, these videos are usually accompanied by a popular song,
which causes them to skyrocket to success.

Unfortunately, trends like “clean girl” and “rockstar girlfriend” promote judgement,
insecurity, exclusivity and consumerism. If you can’t look a certain way or buy into the
trends, you’re totally not cool.

These are trends I do not support.

One trend I do support, however, is “hot girl Halloween.”

Now, don’t get confused, this trend is not just for women. This is a trend that truly
celebrates Halloween.

As summer came to an end and Spirit Halloweens open in vacant strip mall locations
across the continent, I start hearing “This Is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before
Christmas and the costume TikToks start flooding in. These TikToks ranged from basic to
obscure, from glamourous to downright disgusting, and they were undeniably fun to watch.
Aside from being entertaining, these videos also inspire the masses to dress up. Unlike
other trends that encourage judgement, comments are flooded with support and people
expressing their desire to dress up as their favourite characters, and to feel validated by
fellow TikTokers.

These costumes range from rapper Easy-E to Dani from Midsommar. The majority of
costumes you come across through the hashtag, #hotgirlhalloween, are also demonstrated
as being easy to do and affordable.

Unlike the “clean girl,” this is a trend that I believe needs to heavily influence society.
Since I turned 14, all my friends have deemed Halloween to be cringey and social media has
usually encouraged the same. In one of my classes, the professor asked if anyone was
dressing up for Halloween. The only ones who responded were myself and my friend.

I absolutely hate that as soon as you hit a certain age, not only does your childhood die,
but Halloween also dies with it. The “hot girl Halloween” trend encourages the idea that
Halloween is in again.

On that note, be cool and dress up for Halloween. Be anything your heart desires, whether
it be Iron Man, a cat or even Beetlejuice. Don’t have any ideas? Scroll through
#hotgirlhalloween and be a part of something special.