What’s going on in 2022-23

Academic and social events scheduled throughout the year

There are a lot of events and deadlines for students throughout the school year. During the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, schedule changes have been a constant.

U of M vice-provost (students) Laurie Schnarr is hoping that this year there will be no interruptions to the academic calendar. She is confident that the U of M will be able to adjust on the fly and handle any potential disruptions to the schedule.

“I just really hope that students are as excited to come back as we are excited to see them, and to feel that energy on campus again,” she said.

“We’ve really been doing a lot of work to prepare for fall 2022, and I’m just really looking forward to seeing students, and hoping we have lots of opportunities for them to connect and to have a really great experience here.”

The 2022-23 University of Manitoba academic calendar outlines some of the most notable dates for students during the year.

Fall and winter semesters

Fall term begins on Sept. Fall term begins on Sept. 7 and ends on Dec. 12. The winter term runs from Jan. 9 to April 12.

The last day to drop a course and have it excluded from your transcript is Sept. 20 for fall term and fall/ winter term part A courses, while the date for fall/winter term part B, winter term and winter/summer term courses is Jan. 20. No refunds will be issued for courses dropped after these dates, and a voluntary withdrawal (VW) will be recorded on students’ transcripts if they drop a fall/winter term part B course after Sept. 21.

The VW date, the last day to withdraw from a course without being given a final grade, is Nov. 22 for fall term classes, Jan. 20 for fall/winter term classes, March 22 for winter term classes and May 11 for winter/summer term courses. Students will not be able to drop out of courses after their respective VW dates.

Fee payments for the fall term are due Oct. 5, and must be paid by Feb. 7 for the winter term. Students who have any unpaid fees after these dates will receive a financial penalty.

The U of M will close its doors Friday, Nov. 11 for Remembrance Day after the fall term break, which runs from Nov. 7 to 10. Monday, Feb. 20, the university will also be closed for Louis Riel Day, with the winter term break following the holiday from Feb. 21 to 24.

The fall term exam period is Dec. 13 to 23, while winter exams will be held from April 14 to 28.

Convocation and graduation

On Oct. 19 and 20, convocation ceremonies for students graduating in fall 2022 will take place at the U of M’s Fort Garry campus, and on Oct. 27, ceremonies will be held at the Bannatyne campus.

Most undergraduate students who plan to graduate in February must apply for graduation online by Sept. 21. Faculty of graduate studies students must apply by Jan. 4. Students will officially graduate on Feb. 1, but graduates will have their convocation ceremonies at the Fort Garry campus from June 1 to 2 and June 5 to 6.

The spring graduation application deadline for most undergraduate students is Jan. 23, and March 30 for faculty of graduate studies students.

Agriculture diploma convocation will take place May 12. Spring graduation ceremonies at Bannatyne campus will take place May 18, while Fort Garry campus spring graduates will have their convocation ceremony June 1 to 2 and 5 to 6. Convocation ceremonies for Université de Saint-Boniface students will be on June 12.

The annual traditional graduation pow wow honouring Indigenous graduates will be held on May 6.

Student Events

After holding orientation and welcoming events primarily online this past year due to COVID-19, UMSU vice president community engagement Elishia Ratel said that the majority of UMSU programming will once again be held in-person.

UMSU is hosting a couple of events early in the year that Ratel hopes will bring together the student body.

Formerly known as Frosh, Bison Bash will feature activities and events throughout the week of Sept. 12 to 17, culminating with a concert at the Burton Cummings Theatre on the final night.

From Sept. 19 to 23, UMSU will showcase resources available to students on the Duckworth Quad. Student clubs and associations will also be tabling at the event to provide information on student governance and the community building opportunities within each group.

Keep an eye out on social media for other student groups’ events this fall.

Although no dates have been released, Ratel said UMSU will be announcing events and townhalls throughout the year that will centre around campaigns intended to cater toward student issues such as mental health, healthy sexuality, sustainability and international student health care.

Encouraged by the number of people on campus this summer, Ratel is confident that student participation numbers at events will be high.

“It’s going to be a big time of learning and exploring for almost everybody who sets foot on campus,” she said.

“Being able to see people and say hello and interact has been a really, really good experience.”