Laurie Fischer — ‘Musings on a Life Well Lived’

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Winnipegger Laurie Fischer has released his second self-published poetry collection, Musings on a Life Well Lived.

Fischer’s first release was a book called Poetry of the Pandemic, which he began during the quarantine of March 2020 as something to occupy his time. As the collection came together, Fischer decided to share his poems in the hopes it would help others to know they weren’t alone in the troubles brought on by the pandemic.  

Since the release of his first collection, Fischer’s continued writing practice is now another way he hopes to give back to others while processing his own experiences simultaneously. He hopes that Musings on a Life Well Lived will “inspire, encourage, uplift and motivate” his readers.  

Featuring over 100 new poems, Musings on a Life Well Lived is composed of 10 different sections which address various topics and take a more positive look at the everyday through the lenses of the past, present and future. Some of the themes included across each section are nature, history, childhood memories, pets and the battle with cancer.

The collection’s contents prove true to its title — almost every facet of life is explored within Fischer’s poems and they are imbued with a feeling of familiarity and relatability. Fischer’s thoughts could be our own in many regards, and the landscapes he describes recall ones that many who have lived in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas are accustomed to seeing on a regular basis.

Fischer’s poems do not hide behind elaborate words, abstract imagery or complex metres — instead, they are open for the reader to understand and interpret quickly and easily, making it a more accessible and enjoyable poetry collection for all who read it.

Three poems from Musings on a Life Well Lived stand out in particular.

“An Easy Decision” speaks to the universal experience waking up to a rainy day and choosing to remain in bed and sleep in rather than waking up. Fischer paints this picture clearly, describing the stormy grey sky outside, the distinct lack of birds and the comfort and warmth of the bed he decides to stay in.  

“Footprints” is another highlight from Fischer’s new collection, in which he discusses how we impact the lives of others. He encourages us to “make footprints throughout your life / You will never see” and to help others.

Last but not least, “What Day is it?” takes a positive outlook on the isolating lockdowns that we all experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of this poem, Fischer imparts upon us some wisdom that we all must try to keep close to ourselves in these continuing troubled times:

“Now more than ever / It is time / To set aside our frustration, / To release our anger, / To forget our regrets, / To simply relax and enjoy / The time of our lives.”