Candidates announced for 2020 UMSU general elections

Three slates and five community representatives vying for votes

The list of candidates for the 2020 UMSU general elections have been announced.

Only one incumbent executive will be seeking re-election — sitting vice-president student life Jelynn Dela Cruz will be running for president with a new slate.

Several community representative nominees are running unopposed, and both the mature students’ representative and the students living with disabilities’ representative positions remain vacant.

Campaigning will begin Feb. 24 following reading week and voting will run from March 4-5. Unlike last year, all voting will take place online. Students will be able to cast their ballots at

Executive slates

Connect UMSU:

  • President: Sia Yamba
  • Vice president student life: Cayden Thomson
  • Vice president community engagement: Masha Bak
  • Vice president advocacy: Aqdas Cheema
  • Vice president finance and operations: Tino Hove


  • President: Samantha Nicole Tumlos
  • Vice president student life: Stephen Gatphoh
  • Vice president advocacy: Chimdi Chijioke

UMSU For You:

  • President: Jelynn Dela Cruz
  • Vice president student life: Savannah Szocs
  • Vice president community engagement: Tino Dogo
  • Vice president advocacy: Kristin Smith
  • Vice president finance and operations: Brendan Scott

Independent nominees

Vice president finance and operations: Honour Ojo

Community representative nominees

Indigenous students’ representative: Alicia Kubrakovich

International students’ representative: 

  • Adrian Esenwah
  • Haris Qamar

LGBTTQ* representative: Trevor J. Smith

Womyn’s representative: Judith Ovidsun