Candidates announced for the 2018 UMSU General Elections

Three slates and three community representative candidates are in the running

The final list of candidates for the 2018 UMSU General Elections have been announced.

Campaigning will take place Feb. 26 following reading week, and voting will run from March 7 to March 9.

A polling station will be set up in front of the UMSU office on each of the voting days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can also vote online on

Among the candidates, there are two full slates running for five executive positions, one incomplete slate running for two executive positions, and three individual candidates running to fill three of the five community rep positions.

Executive slates

Elevate UMSU:

  • President: Jakob Sanderson (president, Arts Student Body Council)
  • Vice-president external: Owen Black (director of public relations, St. Paul’s College Students’ Association)
  • Vice-president student services: Carly Mastromonaco (senator, Science Students’ Association)
  • Vice-president finance and operations: Mbuli Matshe (director of finance, Arts Students’ Body Council and Arthur Mauro Students’ Association)
  • Vice-president advocacy: Sarah Bonner-Proulx (academic programmer, Science Students’ Association, co-president, Active Minds)

Future UMSU:

  • President: Jehan Moorthy (UMSU vice-president finance and operations)
  • Vice-president external: Brooklynn Krul
  • Vice-president student services: Brandon Barratt (Bison men’s football team)
  • Vice-president finance and operations: Jonah Wasylak (Bison men’s hockey team rep, University of Manitoba Actuarial Club)
  • Vice-president advocacy: Athena Skarban (Bison track and field)

Two Brothers:

  • President: Mathew Scammell (UMSU councillor, Society of Earth Science and Environment Studies)
  • Vice-president student services: Sean Scammell (president, the University of Manitoba Efficient and Renewable Technology Hub)

Community representative nominees

Uncontested community representatives:

  • LGBTTQ* students’ rep: Eun-Bi Kang (Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies rep, St. Paul’s College Students’ Association)
  • International students’ rep: Abubaker Ibrahim
  • Indigenous students’ rep: Alannah Mckay (director of finance, University of Manitoba Aboriginal Students Association)

There are no candidates running for students living with disabilities and women’s representatives.