Following the Wild Path

New yoga adventure program combines healing benefits of yoga and nature

Graphic by Justin Ladia.

Winnipeg-based yoga teacher Ash Bourgeois has found a way to provide Winnipeggers with a holistic fitness experience that connects them back to their deepest selves and Mother Nature. Her passion for educating others on the healing benefits of yoga and nature led her to develop the idea for her new yoga adventure program, Wild Path.

Wild Path aims to provide people with a special experience by fusing the practice of yoga with exciting outdoor events and adventures. It takes the practice of yoga off the mat to the natural environment outside the studio by combining yoga with activities like stand-up paddleboard (SUP), hikes, retreats, and workshops.

“[It’s] a creation of connection, community and nature – where the stand-up paddleboard classes, yoga hikes, and retreats are a place that is enveloped in nature, where the community is supportive, fun, and playful and we can take time offline to connect to friends, to connect with outdoors and to breathe deeper,” Bourgeois told the Manitoban.

Bourgeois, who is also a lululemon ambassador and the owner of a stand-up paddleboard business, has been involved with yoga since she was 16. For her, yoga is more than just an exercise routhine – it’s a way to reach inwards and get to know ourselves.

“I started practicing yoga when I was around 16 to manage and prevent injuries and then I [got more involved with it] in my early 20s,” Bourgeois said.

“Once I began a consistent practice, I dove deeper into yoga and felt inspired to share and teach. I wanted to teach people how to feel at home and happy in their bodies, be present and connect deeply with themselves.”

With Wild Path, Bourgeois hopes to teach people how to step away from life’s business by spending time basking in the beauty of nature, engaging in deep conversations, and practicing yoga. The natural environment provides a soothing and calming ambience to experience them.

“When we practice yoga, we are able to disconnect from the hustle around us and to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a deep experience of getting to know ourselves in a non-judgmental and loving way,” said Bourgeois.

“I believe [yoga practice] is on the rise and it is wonderful. Going to classes is a great way to start and for those that are currently practicing yoga – ask your teachers questions!” Bourgeois said. “Take time to go to workshops, get to a retreat if you can, and explore yoga past the physical. Winnipeg and Manitoba has such a phenomenal community; I hope Winnipeggers take time to explore it.”


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