Recover like a pro with Recovery Spot

Former Bisons athlete Isaac Ansah is bringing a new level of compression therapy to the herd

As a former member of the Bisons men’s basketball team, Isaac Ansah understands the importance of proper recovery after a game. Years after the end of his CIS career, he’s now giving back to the campus as director of Recovery Spot, a brand developed by AccuCare Canada Inc. that specializes in compression therapy.

“I went through it as well. It’s the same principles of weight training, diet, and of course now with the recovery solutions,” Ansah said. “[The athletes] need to start understanding the benefits of it and that’s where I come in, and I’m confident that they’re going to see the benefits of the recovery pumps and the recovery socks.”

On top of the pumps and socks, Recovery Spot also offers other fitted medical-grade compression apparel, hot and cold wraps, and 3D scanning knee braces.

Ansah first got in contact with the Bisons thanks to his prior relationship with men’s basketball head coach Kirby Schepp. The brand was able to become an official sponsor of Bisons Sports, and Ansah began working with the men’s basketball team in late October. Each member of the roster has access to the equipment and Ansah works with the athletes every Friday night after his or her game has finished.

While Ansah currently works primarily with the men’s basketball team, his goal is to provide the products to all Bisons sporting teams down the line, and he has already met with the men’s volleyball and women’s soccer teams.

“We want to take Bisons athletics to the next level, and I’m hoping I can play a small part in that,” Ansah said.

“The word is starting to get out, and people have seen these things, but they have questions. I’m hoping I can answer a lot of their questions and allow them the opportunity to touch and feel the materials and see the product and to see the benefits of it.”

One of the more intriguing products that Recovery Spot offers is the recovery pump, designed by NormaTec. Used primarily on the lower body, the pumps are designed like a full-length boot to mobilize fluid out of the extremities.

The product is hard to come by, and is used by numerous professional football and basketball athletes such as Amare Stoudemire and Larry Fitzgerald. By offering the recovery pumps, Ansah is emphasizing the importance of providing quality recovery services to all, and not simply elite-level athletes in the pros.

“I just don’t think it’s fair that only millionaires get access to this equipment,” Ansah said. “What about the common man like you and me? So that’s what we’re here to do.”

“It’s so important that we take care of our body, obviously with nutrition but also with proper vascular return and it’s the ones who take care of their bodies are the ones who are going to see the long-term benefits and the ones who are going to perform better on the court,” Ansah said.


For more information about Recovery Spot and what they offer, you can visit their website at or phone 204-975-4978.