Alumni profiles: Jordan Stephensen

Grads get into bikes and branding

Jordan Stephensen – Bachelor of fine arts (honours)

Jordan Stephensen is a graphic designer with a background in traditional illustration with a focus on typography, branding, and digital illustration and iconography.

Since graduating, Stephensen has worked for about a year in print production, in addition to designing clothing.

After a stint of freelance designing, Stephensen was hired by Relish Branding as a graphic designer. His focus with Relish is primarily front-end web design, desktop and mobile user experience design, brand development, and advertising in print, on the web, and outdoors.

Stephensen’s designs are the faces of businesses across Winnipeg, from fine-dining restaurants to architecture firms.

His projects include producing branding for The Mitchell Block, Unit 7 Architecture, Maw’s Eatery and Beer Hall, and Gimli’s Flatland Coffee Co. – just to name a few.

Stephensen’s education has benefited his work from theory to hands-on designing.

“U of M for sure gave me a very conceptual approach to graphic design,” Stephensen told the Manitoban.

“Colour theory, art history, as well as experiencing other fine arts practices gave me a well-rounded understanding of design as art, and how the two go hand-in-hand, which I feel is a perspective I don’t think I would have appreciated as much studying design in a context outside of a school of fine art.”