Fuel your caffeine addiction

Explore Winnipeg’s local coffee shops while stocking up on coffee

Photo credit to Lauren Siddall.

In the heat of finals, midterms, and research papers, it is easy to fall to the same coffee shop every day – where each barista at all the chain coffee shops in a 10 km radius of your house know your order. Take a walk on the wild side and explore some of Winnipeg’s local coffee shops to support local businesses while fuelling your ever-growing caffeine dependency.


The Good Will

No, this is not the thrift store you’re used to. Located in West Broadway, one of our city’s trendiest emerging neighbourhoods, the Good Will is definitely a top new Winnipeg venue. This coffee shop doubles as a concert venue at night, set to showcase the Strumbellas on Nov. 11 and has already seen dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform on stage – and the Good Will has only been open for approximately two weeks.

During the day, they serve the standard coffee drinks one would expect: cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and good. old-fashioned brewed coffee– but if you’re lucky, they’ll add chocolate to your drink to sweeten your morning. If that isn’t the sweet you’re looking for, they also receive fresh bakery goods from the Tall Grass Prairie Bakery.

They cater to savoury-loving Winnipeggers too, with A Little Pizza Heaven serving their pizza starting at 11 a.m.

Bonus: if you stick around long enough, they start serving liquor at 5 p.m. They have over 12 craft beers on tap, including the locally brewed Fort Garry and Half Pints. Accompanied by a great playlist, this location is a win on all sides.

Stated in their mandate, the Good Will intends “provide and support a home away from home for Winnipeg’s ever changing members of the community.” Supporting art, music, and most of the city’s eclectic trendsetters, the Good Will is heading in the right direction.

The Good Will is located at 625 Portage Avenue, and is open Monday through Saturday.


Thom Bargen

In the heart of Sherbrook, Thom Bargen has quickly become a favourite for hipsters and businessmen alike. Roasting beans from Phil & Sebastian, Matchstick, Bows & Arrows, and 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, these folks serve only the good stuff. They also have all the coffee they serve available for purchase to brew in the comfort of your pajamas at home.

The décor is something to rave about. With the recent installation of Natalie Baird’s mural, the atmosphere has been perfectly crafted for sitting down to study or meet with old friends. The counters and tables are made out of natural wood, creating a rustic, inviting location.

This intimate coffee shop has been essential in the establishment of a fresh community in West Broadway. The stunning natural light and open concept have made Thom Bargen a hub for artists, musicians, students, and families to meet for a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

Thom Bargen is located at 64 Sherbrook Street and is open Monday through Sunday to fuel your day.


Parlour Coffee

Located on Main Street, Parlour Coffee has become a staple source of brewed beverages for many Winnipeggers. Each cup of coffee is ground to order, ensuring the freshest brew for customers. Proudly serving and selling North America’s leading micro coffee roasters, including the popular 49th Parallel and Phil & Sebastian, Parlour Coffee chooses only the best.

If just coffee is not enough for you, Tall Grass Prairie Bakery, Jonnies Sticky Buns, and Oh Doughnuts supply fresh baked goods daily because “Day olds are so yesterday.” They also like to give away their secrets and share brewing tips with their customers; for those without the time to come talk to the baristas in person, they are in the process of putting videos and recipes online.

Parlour Coffee aims to support artists, opting to display art within the café that is available for sale when inquired.

Paul Butler’s “Who Cares?” will be exhibited until Dec. 4. Butler’s practice is primarily focused on the community, collaboration, and artist-run activity. Butler’s work is held in several public and private collections including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, in addition to his ongoing studio practice.

Parlour Coffee is located at 468 Main Street and is open Monday through Saturday.


Little Sister Coffee Maker

The “younger sibling of Parlour Coffee,” Little Sister Coffee Maker is slotted in Osborne Village. Decked out in white, teal, and black, this coffee shop has a retro feel to it– accented by a record player, their musical medium of choice.

They serve the same quality-roasted coffee as Parlour Coffee—focusing on Bows & Arrow and Detour—and have more seating, as well as a mouth-watering selection of pastries served fresh daily. They also follow Parlour Coffee’s model of selling the coffee they roast in store, as well as all sorts of other coffee accessories and, most importantly, fair trade organic chocolate – yum.

Little Sister Coffee Maker combines the best of Parlour Coffee with a more convenient location and more accessible parking.

Little Sister Coffee Maker is located at 470 River Avenue and is open seven days a week.