Yakking with yantz

Early season comments from the Bison QB

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The University of Manitoba Bisons football team has gotten off to a strong start, putting up a 2-1 record after three games. The Manitoban had a chance to catch up with quarterback Jordan Yantz, after a successful victory over Regina in the Bison’s home opener, to get his thoughts on how the team is progressing.

The Manitoban: What are your overall thoughts from a team perspective, about the loss in the season opener against Saskatchewan?

Yantz: I thought we started off strong. We were moving the ball on the offensive side very well in the first half. It was just a downward spiral for us in the second half, with injuries. I think that we proved in the first half that we were a very good team. We can beat those guys, no if’s and’s or but’s, we just have to play a full game.

M: How prepared do you think the team was for the season opener, coming out of training camp?

Yantz: Training camp was a struggle this year. It was six straight days of two-a-days, guys were getting banged up and smashing every day, so it wasn’t the best structure. Not having a pre-season game was also huge for us. We had tons of penalties, close to 200 yards. That’s one thing that never helps you out, and that really killed us.

M: The team responded quite well against Regina. How important was that win for you guys?

Yantz: I think overall as a team, that was a great win. It wasn’t just one unit that dominated. Offensively, I think that we were inches away from multiple big plays. There’s a lot that we can correct. It still was a good game for us, but I think we can even get better.

M: After homecoming, the team will head on the road for two straight games. Does being away from IGF, and the comforts of home ware on you as a player at all?

Yantz: It’s definitely different. The good thing about going to Calgary (this week) and Alberta (next week) is that we fly there, so you don’t have to travel on a bus. That’s what drains you, is travelling from here to Saskatoon on a bus, that’s definitely not the funnest thing to do in the world. I think it will be okay for us. It’s just another game, and we just have to prepare like any other week.

M: It’s hard not to look ahead to Calgary on the schedule, especially seeing the kinds of scores that they have put up the past few weeks. Is there an enhanced level of focus preparing for a team like that?

Yantz: For sure. Our big thing this year is that we can’t be scared to play. I think we can be ready for it, and I think we can beat them. We just have to play a full four quarters, plain and simple. If we go down, we can’t hang our head. I think we can do it.