Player profile

Sitting down with Bison goalkeeper Martina Arran

Photo courtesy of Sean Coates

Martina Arran is a third-year player from La Salle, Manitoba in the faculty of agricultural and food sciences. She previously played for the St. Norbert Celtics, as well as Winnipeg South End United. This is her first year as starting goalie with the Bisons.

Marti, as she is known, also organizes Bison Pride Fridays on campus, where she brings together a group of athletes every week to hand out prizes, interact, and invite students to Bison games.
Emily Erickson, from the CIS national championship women’s volleyball team, interviewed Arran.

EMILY ERICKSON: What’s your favourite colour?

MARTINA ARRAN: Orange. Not really a fan of teal [her goalie uniform is 100 per cent teal].

EE: What kind of music gets you pumped up before a game?

MA: It’s a very varied playlist. [I] kind of like to put a lot together; everyone’s taste kind of comes into one, so everyone gets pumped up.

EE: What goes through your mind when you make a save?

MA: “Holy shoot I just did that, now I gotta breathe!”

EE: Is goalie your favourite position?
MA: I think it’s my favourite. Sometimes in scrimmages I like to play forward, it’s good to get a feel for different positions. I’m actually not bad at it.

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