A letter from your student union president

University of Manitoba Students,

My name is Al Turnbull and I am your University of Manitoba Students’ Union President. I have served as president throughout the 2013-2014 school year, and I am equally excited to do so again over the coming year!

Last year, the Fresh executive made great strides in enhancing your overall campus experience; we made an overhaul with the UMSU businesses, started the annual Frosh Music Festival, and attempted to create an exciting atmosphere for all students on campus. This year Refresh wants to do the same and much more!

Refresh is excited to make your university experience the best possible, and to do so we need your help. This is the beginning of an exciting era of student life here at the U of M; speaking from experience, these will be some of the best years of your life.

So don’t squander it by not getting involved; getting involved is the key to making our university something we can all be proud of. I personally look forward to working to the utmost of my ability to ensure that we optimize your campus experience.

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union is here to advocate on behalf of all students at the U of M to all levels of government and the university administration. The union also provides a number of services for the benefit of all its members – which is you!

These services include: an affordable health and dental plan, a campus radio station (101.5 UMFM), a supportive tutor registry, and the Peers: Students Helping Students support group.

UMSU also owns and operates six businesses: The Hub campus bar is definitely something you want to check out. The Hub opened in 2012, and especially over the last year has become the local watering hole here on campus. For great food and beverage, check out the Hub on the third floor of University Centre. UMSU also has Degrees Restaurant. Degrees is a licensed restaurant offering an eclectic array of fast but healthy food and is located on the third floor of University Centre. IQ’s Café and Billiards makes for a great place to hang out, play pool, and maybe grab a coffee – also located on the third floor. UMSU operates the university’s only convenience store, G.P.A.’s, which is located on the main floor of University Centre. If you have printing or copying needs, the UMSU Digital Copy Centre can help you out. Last but not least we operate Archives Used Book Store on the basement floor of Helen Glass. We’re also excited to introduce a new UMSU business in January called UMSushi, which will be located on the third floor inside of IQ’s.

I have spent a lot of time on this campus, and have grown to love everything about the University of Manitoba; however, the work is not done. Sometimes it isn’t enough to simply accept things as they are. We’re tired of people saying, “I just go to the U of M”; we know we can achieve big things at our university.

The quality of your experience starts here and now with you; don’t settle for mediocrity. With that being said, I extend to you all my sincerest welcome (back) to the University of Manitoba for the 2014-2015 school year.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time – my door is always open! Let’s make this year the best yet.

Al Turnbull