Buller Greenhouse opens to the public

New greenhouse manager institutes open door policy

Carla Zelmer, the new manager of the Buller Greenhouse, has created an open door policy for the facility.

In previous years the greenhouse had remained closed other than to the department of biological science’s faculty members. But in an effort to increase access and revitalize the space, Zelmer is welcoming the public to come in, visit, and occasionally take home plants.

In prior years plants and plant cuttings were given away at special events, typically once a year, but since taking over, Zelmer has also increased the frequency of such occasions.

Steven Anderson, a volunteer at the Buller Greenhouse, is very excited with the changes he’s seen in the past year. Some of these changes include the greenhouse’s open door policy, improved plant management, and an increase in the number of plant giveaways hosted by the greenhouse.

“I think the biggest change is the hiring of Carla Zelmer, the new greenhouse manager. She’s the one who’s put in all these changes,” said Anderson. “The place is looking so much better now that someone’s looking after [the plants].”

Anderson is happy to see the space rejuvenated.

“There’s always people in there now. Professors are always stopping in to see what’s new. International students keep bringing in plants from where they’re from and they’re coming in just to remember what they all look like. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle and a lot more volunteers around.”

For students interested in volunteering or visiting the greenhouse, Anderson suggests just stopping by during the greenhouse’s open hours, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Friday.

There’s also a Facebook page, Friends of the Buller Greenhouse, where supporters and volunteers can find more information about greenhouse events and enjoy an assortment of photographs of plants from the greenhouse.