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Review: The Lego Movie

Ah, LEGO: the original Minecraft. Who doesn’t remember playing with those small interlocking blocks in hopes of making a giant castle or a poorly assembled tower? Considering it’s such a popular toy, and films based on toys seem to be increasingly popular, it’s no shock that Warner Bros. produced The Lego Movie in 2014.

The plot involves a common LEGO mini figure (Chris Pratt) who is mistaken for a legendary master builder. He is recruited to join a group of rebels who must stop a LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.

Despite the fact that it’s a 100-minute multimillion-dollar commercial, The Lego Movie is actually quite entertaining and has extremely funny moments. It’s the kind of material you’d expect from a Mel Brooks or Woody Allen film – an apparent satire of Toy Story. Of course the plot is a bit strange because it has a lot of Marxist elements (working class people attempt to overthrow the owning bourgeoisie), even though its roots are steeped in capitalist greed (the need to sell LEGO toys).

However, any movie that teaches children the drawbacks of conformity, encouraging them to be their own awesome individual selves with a bright imagination can’t be terrible.

Will Ferrell’s character is the most memorable in this flick – a maniacal madman named “Lord Business” who wishes to glue the city together so that no new formations are allowed. Business bumbles and stumbles, much like the villain Ferrel played in MegaMind and has more personality in his right arm than the rest of the characters combined.

Overall I enjoyed The Lego Movie and would recommend it to any parent who has time to see it with their child. I have a feeling it will win the “best animated feature” Oscar during the next awards season.




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