UMSU elections: preliminary election results

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) chief returning officer (CRO) supervising the students’ union election has released the preliminary 2013 elections results to the Manitoban.

The UMSU Fresh slate has won all executive positions. The 2013-14 UMSU executive will be comprised of: Al Turnbull (president), Amanda McMullin (VP internal), Susie Ally (VP advocacy), Christian Pierce (VP external), and Thao Lam (VP student services).

Incumbent Steven Stairs was re-elected to his position as community representative for students living with disabilities. Timmy (Chigozie) James was elected to serve as the community representative for international students.

Karleigh Bacon, who ran uncontested for a seat as community representative for LGBTT* students, received 426 votes. Charly Wreggitt, who also ran uncontested, received 2363 votes for the position of women’s representative.

Documents from the CRO’s office indicate a voter turnout of 6,109, or 23.6 per cent, this year.

As indicated in UMSU election bylaws, the above results are considered preliminary until all potential appeals and complaints are addressed.