Crime beat

The University of Manitoba saw several thefts during the month of January, including two cell phones, one backpack, which was left unattended, and a projector screen. One individual was found shoplifting in the bookstore.

Numerous accounts of mischief occurred during the first month of 2013. Two incidents involved damage to university posters. Ceiling tiles were damaged after a campus social. One set of fire suppression equipment­—a fire extinguisher and hose—was tampered with.

Two assaults occurred: one event involved a female being shoved by an unknown individual and the other involved a female assaulted by an acquaintance. No injuries resulted and charges were not pressed in either instance.

The cold weather in January brought about several occasions of individuals smoking both tobacco and marijuana indoors. This resulted in the monitoring of several indoor spots on campus. Six people were identified as smoking illegal drugs inside.

Security Services would like to remind all U of M staff and students that there is no smoking of any kind indoors or within eight metres of entrances.