Polished acoustic folk songs

Hollerin’ Pines will be releasing a new album of rootsy/folk songs that will please your ears and warm your heart. The self-titled, five-song EP is the band’s second release, but their first with their current line-up of musicians.

“For the first EP the band was just taking shape,” stated Scott Malcolmson, guitarist/vocalist for the band. “[Everyone’s] parts had not quite been worked out yet, and we recorded it with a friend Alan Nagelberg who played several of the instruments on each track. By the time we recorded the second EP we had the full band together and all six of us went into the studio to record it as a group.”

The album captures a sound comparable to a bunch of friends playing acoustic instruments around a campfire, while still maintaining polished and well thought-out song structures and instrumental elements. It is easy to see how the band’s songwriting abilities have matured since their last album, especially while listening to the opening track, “On My Mind.”

The sextet recently returned from a Western Canadian tour to promote their new album – a tour that Malcolmson describes as a “big success.”

“It was the first time for this band on the road together and for quite a few of the members it was their first tour,” said Malcolmson. “We played some really great shows and made some good contacts for future tours, and had a lot of fun along the way. We made a point of hitting the streets to busk and spread the word about our shows while at the same time making a few bucks to cover a portion of our tour expenses.”

The album release will take place on Nov. 10 at the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club with an opening set from Adam Young.

“We have been working on some new songs since our return from the tour so folks who have seen us many times can expect four or five brand new songs,” said Malcolmson.

“It should be a great night and we’re excited to finally release the EP in Winnipeg and get it into the hands of family, friends, and music lovers in our hometown!”