Man collapses in University Centre – Thursday, November 22, 2012

At approximately 3:00 pm this afternoon an unidentified male collapsed just outside the food court in University Centre on the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry Campus.

Police and paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and spent around 30-minutes attempting to resuscitate the individual before finally taking him away in an ambulance.

A large group of onlookers gathered around as the paramedics administered first aid. Several witnesses interviewed on campus suspected that the gentleman suffered a heart attack, however those reports are as of yet unconfirmed.

“I [arrived] right after he dropped to the floor. Supposedly he had a heart attack […] [the paramedics] had been going at it for a good 25 minutes,” remarked one university of Manitoba student.

A Winnipeg policeman on the scene stated that the gentleman was unresponsive and was moved to the nearest hospital.

Update – 6:27 pm

One University Centre staff member speculated that the man may have been affiliated with the University of Manitoba Book Store.