Volunteer with the ELC’s Language Partner’s program: Help an international student and learn some culture in return

Perhaps you have aspirations of becoming a teacher or a linguist? Maybe you want to work for the United Nations, or want a career on the international stage? It could even be that you enjoy learning about other cultures – whatever the reason, checkout the Language Partners program offered by the English Language Centre (ELC), because you won’t regret it.

The ELC is a major feature of the University of Manitoba’s international facet, because it teaches international students English.

Nancy Chislett, the ELC’s assistant director explained that, “the purpose of the ELC is to provide intensive, academic English classes that prepare international students for university studies.”

Upon graduation from the ELC, international students can continue their education at the U of M by enrolling in one of the many programs offered.

Now if you aren’t an international student learning English, it might seem that the ELC has very little to offer you, but that’s just a misconception. Through the ELC’s Language Partners program you accumulate some serious experience, by volunteering to help an international student master English.

If you have commitment issues don’t worry the program only asks of you an hour per week, and all you’re expected to do is hang out with an international student.

“Even “hanging out” helps improve international students’ listening and speaking skills. The volunteer gains cross-cultural as well as some leadership experience,” noted Chislett explaining the Language Partners program.

If you’re interested or have questions get in touch with Crystal Beyak, the ELC’s program assistant – e-mail her at crystal.beyak@ad.umanitoba.ca.