Board of Governors notes

The University of Manitoba Board of Governors met on March 20.

Susan Gottheil, vice provost students, gave a presentation to the board on Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM).

Gottheil said the university should start thinking intentionally about services related to recruitment and retaining students and to set enrolment goals.

Gottheil said the university could consider growing to 32,000 students, increasing graduate student enrolment to 20 per cent and increasing international enrolment and aboriginal enrolment.

President David Barnard explained the university has not consciously managed enrolment so far.

Barnard said it will be useful to get feedback from the executive on these ideas.

The board approved the new parking regulations for event days, UMSU president Camilla Tapp was opposed.

Tapp said she recognized the plan was not easy but said students are not in favour of the plan.

Tapp explained students’ main concern is access to their campus but she thinks they are also upset they were not consulted before the plan was brought forth.

Jennifer Black, UMSU vice president advocacy elect, asked how much room there was for further negotiation.

Debbie McCallum, vie president administration, responded the plan was negotiated with the Winnipeg Football club and there is not a lot of room to negotiate at this point.

McCallum noted the benefits the university will receive in exchange for the roughly 10 event days per year including a 9,290 square metre fitness facility, new lockers and use of the new stadium for bison events.

The board was presented with the interim Southwood land use plan that states there will be seasonal public access for casual use (walking, jogging, cross-country skiing) until the lands are developed but no access for organized events.

Tapp updated the Board on UMSU activities including the National Day of Action, the progress of campus wireless, and their elections.

Tapp said the pub was moving along despite setbacks and hopes it will be done before the end of her term.

GSA President Peter Nawrot also updated the Board.

Nawrot said the GSA did not participate in the Student Day of Action and will be having an open forum breakfast with Erin Selby, minister of advanced education and literacy, on March 29 instead.

He said the GSA hired a researcher to look at their relationship with the CFS because the process they joined the CFS through was tainted.

Nawrot explained he will go to the board in May with a motion to stop collecting CFS fees until their membership is proven.

After his update the board moved into closed session.