Vice president external

Kwesi Bruce, United

What would you like to achieve?

Coming into this experience, I’ve come to see that on campus we have a lot of services and programs that just as an ordinary student, I never really knew existed. We do have a lot of great programs, but it’s not really voiced out to the average student on campus.

As a former athlete, I think it’s really nice to have support and have people acknowledge you on campus. That’s my main goal, is to have these things voiced out . . . so that they know what our campaigns are and they know what issues are.

What non-academic experience do you bring?

I played on the Bison football team two seasons ago. In my own African community, I’ve been a youth coordinator . . . I’m from Ghana, so we’ve had some pretty cool activities such as Ghanian Idol at the Deaf Centre on Pembina Hwy., so just being creative and giving youth the opportunities to have fun I think is great.

What campaigns would you like to work on if elected?

We just came off of the Day of Action. I think that was a great success . . . so I think I would just continue on with the campaigns that we do have as of now.

One thing I’d really like to add to that is to support our athletes on campus and give them that extra punch to know that we support them.

What are your thoughts on UMSU’s relationship with the Canadian Federation Students?

I think that the Canadian Federation of Students is great . . . just in bringing up the issues that are important to students across the country, to deal with our problems and bring that feedback back to our campus is something that I really want to work on.

Are there other organizations outside the university that you would like to work with if elected?

The first thing I think I’d like to get to know are other campuses in Winnipeg, and to see how they related with us and what we can work on together.