RE: “Pipeline to Prosperity” (February 2, 2012)

Re: “Pipeline for Prosperity” (Feb .2). I’m appalled to see that one of the few articles in the Manitoban that actually mentions the environmental and political debate that is going on right now over the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and it happens to be in the Comment section. Mr. Fernando seems to state that in the name of economic progress, this debate must be had in a hidden away room with only the money interests in attendance. When in reality this debate is centred on either the future success of Alberta or the future success of the rest of Canada. There are many facts that Spencer Fernando forgot to mention to his readers. The Gitxsan Chiefs met and disagreed with Enbridge’s plans for the pipeline, yet a while later a lone chief-negotiator accepted an ownership stake from Enbridge, predicted to provide the community with $7 million over the next 30 years. How long will the smear campaign for the Northern Gateway Pipeline last? Long can we let this charade go on?

Chris Protulipac