Gowns for grad program growing

The University of Manitoba’s student group, PRAXIS, is helping grade 12 girls enjoy their formal graduation by holding their annual Gowns for Grads event.

Britney Truman, a representative from PRAXIS, said the event has grown compared to last year.

“In the number of students that are interested and being more dedicated I definitely think it’s grown,” said Truman. “Last year we had maybe about 10 really dedicated [students] and I feel that this year there’s more than that, so I think that dedication has grown.”

Allison Birch, another representative of PRAXIS, said the program has approximately 50 members and 15 of them are dedicated to running the Gowns for Grads event.

Gowns for Grads collects used grad dresses and donates them to grade 12 girls who are struggling financially.

Birch explained the program Gowns for Grads is run by a large organization and PRAXIS donates the gowns they collect to Winnipeg School District One who give them to grade 12 girls at the convention centre at the end of April.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Amanda Luong a third-year faculty of science student.

“Graduation is a big milestone so why not make it easier for [grade 12 girls] to enjoy that day.”

Leah Turman, a university one student, said she thinks graduation is important for girls.

“It’s a day where you can just dress up and be all pretty . . . and I think it is really cool that there is an organization that does that,” said Turman.

“I would love to donate my grad dress,” added Turman.

PRAXIS is a student led group, which meets biweekly and runs through student life.

They do a range of charity and community service, including volunteering for Siloam Mission, working with Winnipeg Harvest and sustainability campaigns.

Translated from Latin, the word “praxis” means “the practical application of a theory.”

Gowns for Grads is a city wide program that is assisted by PRAXIS.

It was started by St. John’s High School after their graduation committee learned there were some students who could not afford dresses.

PRAXIS will be hosting a fashion show on March 1 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the fireside lounge; during which volunteers will model donated gowns.

Anyone interested in donating their used grad dress can drop it off at either the UMSU office in University Centre or at the Student Life room, 225 University Centre before March 2.

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