Crime Beat


Theft of personal items continued to be prevalent during month of November, the majority of incidents involved the theft of laptops. 11 thefts were reported to Security Services, involving laptops, purses and a backpack that was left unattended.

In addition, there were also three thefts that occurred involving bicycles, two others from offices and one incident of an individual leaving the parkade without paying.

Security Services attended to one incident where an intoxicated individual was found in their vehicle, which was parked but running. The individual was asked to turn over their keys and given the opportunity to stay with a friend for the evening.
There were also three incidents of vehicles being damaged in parking lots.


Security Services was a bit less busy over the month of December. As of Dec. 19, there were five thefts reported to Security Services, involving laptops, a backpack and a cell phone.

Officers arrested a suspect on Dec. 19 in front of the Bookstore in connection with the theft of a laptop.

“During the arrest, it was discovered that he had also stolen a text book from the store at that time,” said Community Constable Doug Heinrichs.

The individual was also found to be in possession of other items reported stolen.
“In total, it is believed that he may be linked to at least six of the thefts reported over the last two months,” Heinrichs said. The Winnipeg Police Service will continue to investigate.

One individual was apprehended under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act, who was later found to be on probation and in violation of a court order to abstain from alcohol and comply with a curfew.

Heinrich said the Security Services has been able to recover 12 items stolen over the past several months through the use of tools such as CCTV cameras and through cooperation with other university departments, such as IST and the WPS.