international news briefs

33 killed in Syrian Bombardment

Tank bombardment began on Jan. 25 in the Syrian town of Rankous. The mountain town was besieged by several thousand troops.

As of Jan. 29, 33 have been killed by government forces.

The attack was intended to dislodge army insurgents and defectors and was led by the Fourth Division, commanded by Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s brother, Maher.

A resident of a nearby town said the bombardment brought down at least 10 buildings and that most of the residents of the town have fled to nearby villages.


Archbishop tells Cameron not to legalize gay marriage

On Jan. 27 the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, will be acting like a “dictator” if he legalizes gay marriage.

Cameron said he wants gay marriage to be an important part of his term in office and will be consulting with the government on the issue in March.

Sentamu said marriage is set in tradition and history and he does not think it is the role of the state to change what marriage is.

Sentamu is opposed to the homosexual civil marriage proposal and says if the government tries to change the legislation they will have a rebellion from the bishops and in the Commons.


300 arrests in Occupy Oakland protest

On Jan. 28 Occupy Oakland protestors clashed violently with police.

City Administrator Deanna Santanta said protestors threw bottles, rocks and other objects at officers and the police responded with tear gas, smoke and beanbag rounds.

Protestors gathered outside Oakland’s city hall in the morning, marched through the streets, and threatened to take over a vacant convention centre.

At Oakland’s city hall police also looked for protestors who had broken into the building and then run out with American flags.

Police made arrests after taking protestors from the streets into custody. Oakland’s interim Police Chief Howard Jordan said a total of 300 arrests were made.