Reappointment and retirement

The University of Manitoba is set for a slight shift in administration, as David Barnard gears up for a second term as the university president and vice-president Deborah McCallum is retiring after almost 40 years.

On Nov. 15, the Board of Governors approved the recommendation of the presidential review committee to reappoint Barnard as president for another five years starting in 2013.

Barnard said he was “very pleased” about his reappointment.
“It’s an honour and a privilege to do this work and to work with amazing people.”
Barnard said the possibility of a second term was considered from the beginning, and he decided to request the extension because he would like to move along on a large agenda.

Barnard listed a number of projects he will continue to work on during his next term, including the strategic framework, academic enhancement, improving circumstances for indigenous achievement, improving the student experience and being an outstanding workplace.

“All of those priorities are important to me personally,” he said.
“I think the University of Manitoba is an exciting place to be at the moment,” Barnard said. “Lots of things are happening, [ . . . ] and it’s just exciting to be a part of it.”

At the same Board of Governors meeting, Barnard reported that Deborah McCallum handed in her resignation to him the previous day.

“We wish her well in her retirement. She’ll certainly be missed here,” said Barnard.
McCallum said she decided to retire because as of next September she will have worked at the U of M full time for 40 years.

“I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to spend my career at this great university, but after 40 years I think it’s time to move on to the next chapter of my life,” she said.

“I also have always felt that many people stay in positions too long.”
McCallum said by the time she leaves she will have been the vice-president (administration) for nine years and a change would also be good for the position.
McCallum started work at the U of M as a student developing the university’s space inventory. In 1972, she was hired as a research analyst in the former office of the vice-president (planning and special assignments).

Some of the other positions McCallum has held at the U of M include executive assistant to the vice-president (administration), bookstore manager, director of university centre services, director of ancillary services and associate vice-president (administration).

McCallum said the most rewarding part of her career was playing a role in the development of her staff. She said she is also proud of her involvement in making physical improvements to the campus, such as new buildings, renovated facilities, and improvements to the grounds and landscaping.

In 1999, McCallum was the university liaison for the Pan American Games, which she said was another highlight in her career.

McCallum said she does not want to leave any later than 2012, and she will not be involved in finding her replacement.

“I will definitely miss the University of Manitoba, [ . . . ] but I know the time is right.”