UMSU notes

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) met on Oct. 6 at the Bannatyne campus.

Heather Paterson, director of U of M’s Services for Students at Bannatyne Campus, made a presentation on the services her department provides to the students.

The office was opened to make it more convenient for students studying at Bannatyne, who often had to travel all the way to the Fort Garry campus if they needed to access university services. Paterson reported on services provided through her office, such as career counselling, student counselling and student advocacy.

She also announced that a new Financial Aid & Awards office will open soon on the Bannatyne campus.

UMSU president, Camilla Tapp, mentioned that 11 recommendations on UMSU’s priorities for next year’s provincial budget have been presented to the Council on Post-Secondary Education (COPSE). Some of the main recommendations were to increase the operational grant funding and to provide funds for a universal bus pass for students.

She further stated that a meeting with Debbie McCallum, U of M vice-president (administration), was held to discuss wireless Internet service on campus. Currently there are buildings on campus with poor wireless Internet, she pointed out. The plan is to cover the majority of Fort Garry campus with wireless Internet by next year.

Justin Quigley, UMSU vice-president (internal), reported that the City of Winnipeg still hasn’t approved UMSU’s construction permit for the new pub. UMSU has been contacting them every day to try to expedite the process, he said.

Mid to late November is now the estimated date for the pub to be opened.
Julie Rempel, UMSU vice-president (external), mentioned she, along with other UMSU members, attended the Grandmothers Protecting our Children Medicine Walk on Sept. 21 to “demand justice” for missing and murdered aboriginal women. She noted that people “from all walks of life” attended and showed their support. “It was a breathtaking experience,” she said.

Rempel also spoke about the Sustainable Campus Day, an event held on Sept. 30. A transcript was generated from different focus groups that ran during the event and will be delivered to U of M’s sustainability committee. It is intended to influence the U of M’s sustainability strategy that will be out next week.

Nour Rashid, UMSU vice-president (advocacy), mentioned that she partook in an ally training session offered through the Rainbow Pride Mosaic. UMSU executives and staff also attended the session focused on “how to be a good ally to the LGBTTQ* community,” she explained.

In the original version of this article we incorrectly reported that UMSU was waiting for the city of Winnipeg to approve The Hub’s liquor license permit. This article was corrected to state that they are waiting for the city to approve the Pub’s construction permit.