International News Briefs

Dog food meal sends frat pledge to hospital

A student from the University of Virginia was rushed to the hospital after eating a meal made of dog food, soy sauce, matzo balls and geflite fish as part of hazing ritual for a local fraternity, reported Fox News.

A police investigation has now been launched into the incident that took place at the Zeta Psi fraternity. The 19-year-old student was taken to the hospital after seizing. He remained in hospital for four days.

According to an investigator’s report, the meal is an annual tradition for pledge week. Police have also requested search warrants to access the victim’s medical records and emails that may contain information on the fraternity’s traditions and pledging process.

Strike averted at Brock University

A strike at Brock University was avoided Monday morning after a tentative deal was struck between teaching assistants and part-time instructors and the university, according to Maclean’s On Campus.

The deal was struck between two hours after the union’s strike deadline.
“We are extremely relieved that a tentative agreement has been reached,” said Brock University president Jack Lightstone in a statement released Monday. “This is a victory for everyone.”

The union had been quarrelling with the university over high enrolment in seminar classes and wage levels.

Prof/Burlesque dancer sues over sex discrimination

A former assistant professor from John F. Kennedy University has launched a legal battle with the school after alleging she was fired for performing in a burlesque act off campus, reported

At around the time Sheila Addison was hired to teach psychology as an assistant professor in 2007, Addison also began performing as “Professor Shimmy” at the burlesque act the Hubba Hubba Review.

Despite being discreet, university administrators found her participation in the act inappropriate, according to Addison’s complaint filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Addison was issued a letter of dismissal on June 21 2010, with her performances being the only explanation for employment termination cited in the letter.

Addison alleges that her firing “evidences the university’s disgust for a woman performing in politically, socially and sexually based performance art.”