Senate highlights

A Senate meeting was held on Nov. 3 in the Senate Chambers.

The University of Manitoba Graduates Report was handed out to the Senate. There will be 774 graduates for the February 2011 graduation. There was one degree recommended to be granted notwithstanding, which the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies had unanimously approved.

The Senate elected professor John Anderson from the faculty of science to replace Thomas Berry, who resigned from his position from the Executive Committee.

A Statement of Intent was proposed for a master of social work and indigenous knowledge. The first round of academic program review has been completed.

Vice-provost (students) Susan Gottheil announced the implementation of a bachelor of science in genetics, which was discussed and passed for approval. The faculties of agriculture and food science, human ecology, science, dental hygiene, kinesiology and recreation management have met the approved template for blended entry.

Report by president David Barnard

University president David Barnard presented a report on the unfolding of the university’s
planning framework, of which the main priorities include academic enhancement, aboriginal achievement, student experience and outstanding workplace for employees.

The university is receiving money in return for long term lease of the land that the stadium is sitting on. The funds will be used towards the new Active Living Centre.

In terms of Internet Technology (IT) systems and data, the president said there is an urgent need to renew IT infrastructure, as the university’s systems are not where the administration would like them to be.

The president noted the importance of being engaged with the communities outside that of the university as well as making sure they are aware of the good things happening at the university. “It would serve us well to be more visibly engaged in the community,” he said.

In terms of the university’s Sustained Funding Commitment, the president announced that the university must remain careful in its spending as it continues to suffer under financial pressure.

In conclusion, the president listed the focus on organizational transform, renewal of leadership, emerging collaboration and increasing national prominence as positive things happening at the U of M. Chronic underfunding, organizational infrastructure deficit, difficulty in measurement and goal setting as well as reputational concerns were listed as being “bad.”

Stadium update

A question in reference to changes in stadium construction plans was raised.

Deborah McCallum, vice-president (administration), explained that the design of stadium has not significantly been altered since the original design. One change has been the depth of the bowl, as it was originally set to be 7.6 metres and is now 7 metres. There will still be a canopy over the stadium, which will cover 80 per cent of the seats. A roof was never part of the plan. A bus terminus on Chancellor Matheson Road is still part of the plan. The university has received a revised traffic plan this week and will be meeting on Feb. 16 to review it.

“I have no doubt that when the first event is held at the stadium there will be some issues, so we will probably have to react to those issues then,” said McCallum.

She announced that once the plan is developed, the university will hold an open house on campus in the spring for the benefit of staff and students.