Compulsory heterosexuality is an interesting concept if you really look at it — whatever side you’re on. A common question is “what side of the fence are you on?” Well, the way I see it, while fences only have two sides there are way more than two sides to this issue. And what about the question “what team do you play for?” Teams? How about team me.

If the drive in anyone is fueled by passion, no matter if it be gay, straight, male or female passion, there is beauty in it. If you stripped away skin and gender, beauty would still remain . . . now that’s an interesting concept.

It sucks to be gay because there is a restricting contract, both visible and invisible. Just as people of colour and women have all fought for hundreds of years against being repressed, what about the fight against repression for being gay? We have been fighting for hundreds of years too.

There are many racist words that cannot be said in public anymore, but today we hear “that’s gay” all the time. It really is used a lot — from describing fashion and hairstyles, to the way you walk or talk. Why are words that demean gay people OK within the use of today’s slang?

So what if I want to love a woman? So what if you want to love a man? It is right to be ourselves. To do and to love whoever we choose. Thanks for being gay.