U of M Bookstore puts other stores to shame

Located at 140 University Crescent is the biggest and baddest store on campus. If you are not careful, the University of Manitoba Bookstore may just swallow you whole. Well, I may be exaggerating once again, but in all reality the university bookstore is a very sweet place to go.

The University of Manitoba Bookstore is owned and operated by the U of M and is committed to “support the educational experience of the university community and public,” according to the store’s website.

When you find yourself within the bookstore, there are a million things for you to do and to find. You can start off by dropping your bag off in the lockers at the front of the store because nobody likes a shoplifter, or looking like a shoplifter for that matter.

Once inside, the world is at your fingertips, hundreds of different authors are yours for the reading. Need books for class? All of those reading materials are conveniently organized by author and can be found in an instant.

On top of educational resources, the bookstore also carries a wide range of the most recent bestsellers, including but not limited to: fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and historical classics. While you wander around the store you can also find all your needed school supplies, such as paper, pens and pencils, not to mention that in the far back corner you can grab a look at the most recent in computing technology in the Computers on Campus store.

The U of M Bookstore prides themselves on a wide selection of magazines as well, from Cosmopolitan to National Geographic and better yet, they are open to suggestions. If you want to see something in the store, give the front desk a shout.

The bookstore also prides themselves on their “U of M Top 10 List.” The basic idea is that every month the store will offer 10 different books at a sale price of 30 per cent off. The titles listed there cover nearly every corner of the reading spectrum. On top of their top 10 list, they also offer an online virtual store. Their website brags of playing host to over 200,000 different titles. So if there is a book that you cannot physically find in the store, you can inquire at the online store and your book could be found there.

Now apart from buying fiction books, computers, electronic storage devices, graphic novels and clip boards, you can get your hands on the latest Bison swag at the bookstore. Yes, that is right, your local bookstore carries clothes. From hoodies to sweatpants, backpacks to toques, the bookstore has a great selection of wears for those who wish to show off their Bison pride.

Stacy Diamond, the bookstore assistant manager made a special mention about the staff at the U of M Bookstore. “Our main focus is the student — that’s why we’re here.  And we truly care about students and helping them.  Our staff are knowledgeable and nice — they actually care.”

The University of Manitoba Bookstore is a great place to go, whether you need to get yourself some books for class or some additional reading material.

Whether you need a new computer or a new sweatshirt, a magazine or a toque, the bookstore welcomes you. In addition, with moderate pricing at the bookstore, it is not going to be a heavy damper on your wallet — good news for all of us.