Five Questions

Five Questions is a continuing column in which we pose a
different artist the same five crucial questions.

The Manitoban: What substance or activity do you find
to be creativity-producing?
Enjoy Your Pumas: Spinach.

M: Who is your preferred teen idol?
(e.g., Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, etc.)
E.Y.P.: Fresh Prince.

M: What’s the most embarrassing album you’ve ever owned?
E.Y.P. (Josh): I guess buying the third Creed record was kind of inexcusable. Should have known better at that point.

M: What’s your motto?
E.Y.P.: You say potato, I say potato. You say tomato, I say tomato. Or, “My car, my car. Where’s my car?” — George Bailey

M: Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
E.Y.P.: A cat (animal) who is comatose (vegetable) due to mercury (mineral?) poisoning.

Enjoy Your Pumas is having their CD release party for Commonality on Jan. 30, 2010 at the Park Theatre. Royal Canoe and Robbed in Tuxedo also play.

– interview conducted by Maria Bowler