Five Questions

Five Questions is a continuing column in which we pose a
different artist the same five crucial questions.


The Manitoban: What substance or activity do you find
to be creativity-producing?
Nathan Ham: Absolute friendship is the catalyst of creativity. 
A good game of croquet doesn’t hurt either.


M: Who is your preferred teen idol?
(e.g., Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, etc.)
N.H.: It’s a tie between the two frontmen of Rebel Yell.


M: What’s the most embarrassing album you’ve ever owned?
N.H.: I got suckered into buying Blondes Ain’t Better by local
artist Patrick Boyd Scott . . . Pretty sure I threw it in the river
shortly after. (Assiniboine)


M: What’s your motto?
N.H.: I’m feeling finer than frogs’ hair.


M: Animal, vegetable or mineral?
N.H.: The best guy I know is a dog named Hannibal.  

Cheering for the Bad Guy plays the Royal Albert Arms, Dec. 3, 2010.
– interview conducted by Maria Bowler