Letters to the Editor – Oct. 27, 2010

RE: In search of an ideal study spot (Sept. 28, 2010)

Thank you for the excellent article on study space in Dafoe Library by Erin Lebar. It gave a good description of the various options we provide in the building. I wanted to just clarify one thing about the Iceland Reading Room on the third floor. This is one of the building’s quieter study areas, so if people want a quiet spot it’s a good choice.

As Ms. Lebar mentioned, there are some carrels in the reading room that can be booked and these are only available to researchers using the Icelandic Collection.

However, all U of M students are welcome to use the study tables by the windows on a first come first served basis.

Jim Blanchard
Acting Head
Elizabeth Dafoe Library

RE: Lucky fuckin’ Lager (Oct. 13, 2010)

I am thoroughly ashamed that you published such an article in an otherwise exemplary publication for students. I could not believe my eyes to see how low this article is! I think all of you can do better to maintain respectability in the Manitoban.

Dr. I.I. Mayba
B.Sc. 1952
MD 1957
Received via facsimile transmission