The gin and tonic

I am the gin and tonic. If you are drinking me you probably enjoy my cool, crisp refreshing taste, perfect for hot days and stuffy pubs or lounges.

I am served in a highball glass over ice — one part gin, two parts tonic water — and typically with a slice of lime for a fruity feel that brings out the taste of my juniper berries. However, my drinkers are more likely to notice the tangy taste of my juniper berries if I am mixed using a premium gin — and I should always be made with a premium gin.

The humans who consume me, the gin and tonic, are often edgy, yet calm, cool, collected and stable. This is very different from the rum and coke crowd or tequila shooters whom are often loud, boisterous and vexatious. Seldom have I noticed from the bar rail that my drinkers start bar fights. However, sippers and enjoyers of fine tequilas are in my good books.

My better half, tonic water, contains an ingredient known as quinine, giving me the bitter taste that I am known for. This can be off set by the addition of more lime, but too much lime is a horrid way to kill me.

Fun fact: quinine is a medical ingredient used to treat muscle cramps, so feel free to dance the night away with me in your hand. Also, you will notice that under fancy purple UV lights I glow a lovely fluorescent blue. Do not be alarmed — glowing things are the sign of a good time.

Enjoy me responsibly.