More than a hot drink

I have a tea problem: green, Earl Grey, chai . . . the list is too long.

Similarly, the smell of coffee will break even my most driven and assertive stride, and will force me to stop and to smell the air. My nose inhales deeply, and begs this question: “Where is the delicious scent coming from?”

Hot chocolate with coloured marshmallows makes my heart melt.

Where warm beverages are concerned, I am an ooey-gooey, subconsciously salivating weakling, absolutely helpless to resist the charms of steamed milk and espresso.

What, the rational part of my brain asks meekly, is my problem?

The smell. This is where I will dole out most of the blame. In the most basic and primitive sense there is something intoxicating about the smell of coffee specifically.

Almost every morning of my life at home began with the addictive aroma of coffee floating on the air. To this day, and probably for the rest of my life, the smell of coffee will bring me home in a way few other scents can. This smell aroused an irresistible need to consume the source — coffee — which is oddly less wonderful than the odour . . . I am never truly satisfied.

The novelty, speaking from the realm of the university student, is another area that must be addressed.

To be most forthright and honest, I must admit that holding a Starbucks cup makes me feel sophisticated. There is a Starbucks culture that subtly saturates university life.

In many ways, Starbucks makes me feel . . . cool . . . like an intellectual. The Starbucks cup is a silent companion that helps to endorse my presence in the university: I am smart enough, mature enough and cultured enough to be here.

All of this self-validation from a paper cup, but it is an unnerving truth that with my last five dollars, given the choice between a sandwich and a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte (extra hot, with lots of whip cream) I will inevitably, wrongly and very unhealthily choose the latte.
Finally, I have to admit it: I am a caffeine addict.

My body needs caffeine to function, in multiple doses, every day. With the hodgepodge whirlwind of deadlines, papers, eight-thirty-in-the-morning classes, two part time jobs, bus rides and exams, I need it to help my system stay awake and to stay functional.

The backbreaking responsibilities of university obligate the student to manage their time efficiently (yeah, right) or to drink massive doses of caffeine during and after all-nighters. Yes, I admit it. I have a problem.

We love them, those wonderful hot beverages that are an inevitable part of the university student’s life. Whether it is the smell that brings you home, the novelty that makes you feel like the academic, or the addiction that keeps you conscious, we cannot — will not ever — get enough of the non-fat lattes or the Americanos or the large double doubles.