Degrees renovations fall behind

Students will have to wait a bit longer to get their green curry and yam fries as renovations to Degrees face unexpected complications.

University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) president Heather Laube explained that UMSU was hoping to have the restaurant up and running in time for the start of fall classes, but “unfortunately the heating and ventilation aspect of the project has been unduly challenging with many unexpected issues.”

With the beginning of regular session, contractors on the project now have to take other tenants and users of University Centre into consideration, which has caused further delay.
“The project manager and contractors are doing what they can to have the restaurant open as soon as possible,” said Laube

Laube said that while delays are to be expected with any major project, UMSU did not anticipate the renovations would take this long to complete.

“There have been frustrations with the delays in the project, but we are definitely looking forward to the end result and to the many significant improvements to Degrees, UMFM and the new UMSU Vision production space,” said Laube.

The extensive facelift to the UMFM station has also experienced similar hold-ups.

“I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you they were going a little slower than we had anticipated,” said Jared McKetiak, station manager of UMFM.

McKetiak felt that logistically, it may not have been realistic to expect the renovations to Degrees, the UMFM station, and the new UMSU Vision production space to be completed within three and a half months.

However, operations at the station have been relatively uninterrupted, and McKetiak was looking forward to the final product of the construction.

“In terms of campus radio stations, it’s going to be one of a kind in this city anyways,” said McKetiak, explaining the delay was understandable considering the scope of the project.
Some days the construction has caused quite a bit of noise for those working in the station, but McKetiak said some noise is to be expected.

“You learn to live with things. I’ve listened to loud music all my life so a little bit of drilling isn’t going to affect me.”

Some students are anxiously waiting the restaurant’s reopening, finding it frustrating to find healthy, affordable food on campus.

Cristina Bueti, a student in the faculty of human ecology, said she’s found it difficult to find seating in University Centre during lunch time hours and speculated it was because the restaurant continues to be closed.

“I think that it’s kind of not really fair to the students, just because so many people eat their lunch at Degrees,” said Bueti.

“There’s already a lack of seating down here in UC, so you need that extra space for a number of students who are around at lunch time.”

Other students are happy to see the renovations take place, even if it means less places to eat on campus.

“I know that it’s bad that they’re fallen behind, but it’s a step in the right direction,” said University 1 student Blair Dawson.