Bison athlete profile

At age 20, Julie Lafreniere is entering her third season with the Bisons and was recently named one of two captains of the 2010 soccer team. Last year, Lafreniere started in 12 of 14 regular
season games, tallying one assist and six shots in over 800 minutes of play.

The Manitoban: What is your most cherished Bison Sport memory?
Julie Lafreniere: It was the second weekend of my first year playing for the Bisons when I got told I was going to be on the starting lineup. It was a pretty emotional moment.
M: What sports did you play growing up?
J.L.: Soccer and basketball
M: Who was your childhood sports idol?
J.L.: Mia Hamm
M: What sports do you watch/follow now?
J.L.: NHL hockey and World Cup soccer
M: Academically, your current focus of study is . . .
J.L.: Science
M: My post-university plans are . . .
J.L.: . . . to practice optometry.
M: Favourite book and/or movie?
J.L.: The Hangover by Todd Phillips
M: If you were a type of animal, which animal would you be and why?
J.L.: An eagle, because then I could fly and I could basically own the sky.
M: If I could play minigolf with anyone in the world it would be…
J.L.: Will Ferrell, because it would be hilarious.