Athlete profile: Alexandra Regier

Alexandra Regier is a talented Bison cheerleader who placed first in the female tumbling competition at the recent national competition in Brampton attended by Bison Cheer. Acknowledging that cheerleading is “a competitive, athletic sport that requires a lot of strength, endurance, flexibility and tumbling skills and is not just a bunch of girls dancing and shaking pompoms around,” Regier says it is the complexity of the sport that appeals to her.

Regier had been a gymnast for 11 years, even competing at a national level, until a serious foot injury ended her gymnastics career. Despite many misperceptions, she then turned her sights to cheerleading, where her gymnastics history turned out to be an asset. “I am able to use my gymnastics skills again because we wear shoes in cheerleading,” elaborates Regier.

The intricacy and timing involved in the team aspect of cheerleading is one of the most challenging parts of the sport. “The most difficult part of cheerleading is trying to coordinate a team of more than 30 male and female athletes with many different skills and abilities into one routine,” explains Regier, adding, “Cheerleading is also physically demanding and requires lots of strength and endurance.”

The next event for Regier and the rest of the Bisons cheerleading team will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 29 at the Investors Group Athletic Centre. Called Stunt Evolution, this is the fourth year that Bison Cheer has hosted this event, designed to push the limits of cheerleading and display the talents of cheerleaders in Manitoba.